Delivering excellence through cost efficient, personalised and reliable 3PL and 4PL freight solutions.

Our promise is to deliver service excellence to our customers driven through Stability, Reliability and Visibility. The NNR extensive network of facilities provides a stable supply chain, a consistent business style and a local approach in every operating region. we deliver cost efficient, personalised and reliable solutions coupled with a comprehensive online tracking and management system for visibility and complete peace of mind.


Air Cargo Services

Efficient solutions by Air that can offer a balance between freight cost, transit time and speed to market

Ocean Cargo Services

Efficient solutions by Ocean that can offer a balance between freight cost, transit time and inventory cost

Overland Cargo

Efficient solutions by road that can offer a balance between cost, transit time and environmental impact

Contract Logistics

Global warehousing and distribution solutions with online inventory control and SKU level visibility

Enterprise Management

Global 4PL management that optimizes your logistics partners for you and enables you to concentrate on what you do best

Customs Brokerage

Customs clearance and frontier declarations with consultation services and compliance health checks

Air Cargo Services


Air Cargo Service

NNR operate a variety of tailored Air freight services  worldwide, whether for Import, export or triangle (‘crosstrade’). These services allow you to deliver quicker to market and provide the optimum balance of cost and transit time. NNR has capacity agreements with all major carriers.


Express services are entirely customized and utilise both ‘Must Ride’ and ‘Hand Carry’ solutions depending on the critical nature of the delivery. These emergency services may carry a premium but are essential at times when you absolutely cannot afford not to..

Premium Economy

Based upon a ‘next flight out’ principle offering flexibility to choose a scheduled service that suits your need. Select the flight you would like to use, as you would if you were travelling too! These services often carry a slight premium but offer great value for money.

Standard Economy

Based on standard scheduled airfreight consolidation services to and from most areas of the world, usually offering departures twice a week from all major gateways. Economy services allow you to forward plan and benefit from the best available price.

Ocean Cargo Services


Ocean Cargo Service

NNR operate FCL and LCL services worldwide, whether for Import, export or triangle (‘crosstrade’). Ocean freight provides the optimum price and when planned correctly avoids some necessity for warehousing, reducing inventory. NNR has capacity agreements with all major carriers.

FCL Services

FCL (‘Full Container Load’) services are infinitely flexible and can be tailored to your individual need offering the best choice of equipment availability, capacity, transit time and value. Through our global network NNR protects space in all necessary markets ensuring continuity and capacity during ‘Peak Season’ periods.

LCL Services

LCL (‘Less than Container Load’) services are generally fixed schedule consolidations with express carriers that provide speed, security and consistency. NNR load multiple LCL shipments into weekly consolidation containers moving directly between NNR partners.

Standard Economy

Based on standard scheduled airfreight consolidation services to and from most areas of the world, usually offering departures twice a week from all major gateways. Economy services allow you to forward plan and benefit from the best available price.

Overland Cargo


Overland Cargo

NNR provided fully managed Overland services by Road and Rail. These incorporate LTL consolidation services and dedicated FTL services. NNR will select the best solution to suit your space and transit time requirement.

LTL Services

LTL (‘Less than Truck Load’) services are a designed to be flexible and optimized, providing you with the opportunity to transport smaller quantities or unusually shaped consignments on a consolidated based, without the cost of a full truck.

FTL Services

FTL (‘Full Truck Load’) services are bespoke and tailored to you. FTL usually boasts the shortest overland delivery time and minimal product handling as services are direct to your designated door. Services include temperature controlled vehicles and on extended distances, dual-drivers can be deployed to offer the faster transit time..

Rail & Intermodal

Rail cargo scheduled consolidations usually offer a good balance between cost and transit time and a better balance with the environment. Transit times can be used to provide optimized supply and reduce the need for warehousing.

Contract Logistics


NNR provide contract warehousing and distribution solutions from modern facilities with sophisticated warehouse management systems. These provide integrated real-time order management and complete inventory control.

Contract Warehousing

Contract Warehousing solutions optimise supply chain efficiency and reduce latency by combining cutting-edge technology and modern facilities with expertise and experience at every location. ‘Activity Based Pricing’, is an option that allows you to significantly reduce overhead and fixed cost.

Simple Inventory Control

NNR’s IT platform solution provides sophisticated WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) used by our distribution centres around the world. ‘PowerNET WMS’ caters for simpler solutions and provides a global inventory view in real-time, integrating with Order Management and our freight applications.

Complex Inventory Control

NNR’s complementary ‘SCALE WMS’ software licenced by Manhattan Associates caters for highly complex solutions and provides a global inventory view in ‘real-time’. SCALE can manage in-house production, kitting, re-working and SKU-change itemisation.

Enterprise Management


Enterprise Management

NNR can manage your supply chain in its entirety from freight management and warehousing to purchase order management and customer shipment. Our Control Towers provide you with a single point of contact for all logistics functions to ensure efficiency and continuity.

Freight Management

Complete 4PL management including receipt of purchase orders by EDI, progressing of orders within “required date” and management of transportation once goods are ready for despatch. This removes the direct cost and enables you to concentrate on your business and what you are best at.

Control Tower

Our teams take great care of all logistics associated functions. Customers outsourcing logistics to NNR (both 3PL and 4PL) are allocated a super-responsive single point of contact, who act as a control tower for all shipments, regardless of the mode or direction.

Simplified Payments

NNR provide one itemized invoice for the agreed period with supporting documentation. NNR will agree tariffs with pre-selected incumbents and audit invoices for accuracy. NNR can supply the invoice electronically too which could reduce the many, many hours spent on invoice validation down to zero.

Customs Brokerage


Customs Brokerage

NNR operate a global team of licensed customs brokers providing customs clearance and frontier declarations. We can also audit and advise on your classifications and processes in order for you to maintain the best cost base and continued compliance.

Customs Clearance Services

The NNR comprehensive network offers Customs declaration facilities to our clients. Our team of licensed and qualified, experienced Customs declarants provide assistance with simple or complex Customs clearance and declarations. Additionally NNR can provide a full Customs brokerage service.

Customs Brokerage

NNR recognises a significant difference between a Customs Declaration on behalf of our customers and providing Customs Brokerage services. Upon prior agreement, our expert team can review your products and apply for appropriate licences, rulings on commodity codes and negotia

Customs Healthchecks

Should you require it, NNR has in-house expertise to review your current techniques and practices for customs declaration to ensure you are compliant. Customs healthchecks often may also highlight opportunities to challenge current duty tariffs being applied and, if overpayment is evident, apply for your refund.

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